Amu Hinamori

Name: Amu Hinamori Birthday: September 27 Blood Type: O Age: 11-13 Height: 152cm Weight: 40kg

Amu Hinamori (日奈森あむ or Hinamori Amu) is the heroine of the anime and manga series Shugo Chara, Shugo Chara Doki, Shugo Chara Doki Doki, Shugo Chara Party and Shugo Chara Encore. Her chair in the Guardians is the Joker.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Amu has short, pink hair tied in a ponytail. She has golden-brown eyes. Her mom normally dresses her in a gothic way of dressing. In the first series she never smiles but as the story progresses she is shown smiling more frequently.


Amu has two personality. Her outside personality is cool and spicy, she can also be self-denying so therefore most of her school mates look up to her and never dare to make her angry. Her inside personality is much different to her outside personality she is extremely shy and timid but very kind-hearted like taking care of her sister whenever her parents aren't home.

Guardian CharactersEdit

Amu is a truely special girl because unlike a normal that 1 or 2 guardians, Amu is gifted with 4 guardians. Her guardian character represents a deck of cards.

Ran egg

Ran is Amu-chan's first guardian she is also the first guardian to preform a Chara Nari (Character Transformation) with Amu-chan. She is a cheerful and energetic cheerleader. Ran is rarely seen without her pom-poms. She loves to cheer people on especially Amu. Ran represents Amu's desire to become more athletic, honest and confident. She wears a pink cheerleading dress with a pink visor. She also wears pink trainers and a pink bandana. She has pink eyes and hair. Ran has a red heart

on her visor.

Likes: Cheering people on.

Dislikes: Staying still and quiet.

Miki egg

Miki is Amu-chan's second guardian, she is the second guardian to preform a Chara Nari (Character Transformation) with Amu-chan. Miki is a sensitive and artistic artist. She is rarely seen without her sketch book. Miki is level-headed, calm and insightful. She represents Amu's desire to become more artistic and maybe even disobedient. She wears a tomboyish outfit such as A light blue long-sleeves shirt with black vest, a light blue hat and dark blue shorts with a black line on it. She wears black shoes and a light blue bag where she keeps all her art supplies. She has blue eyes and hair. Miki has a blue spade on her hat.

Likes: Arts and Crafts.

Dislikes: Anything that does not include art.

Su egg

Su is Amu-chan's third guardian, she is the third guardian to preform a Chara Nari (Character Transformation) with Amu-chan. Su is gentle, orderly, girly and clumsy. Her name is the second syllable of "Desu" with she says after nearly every single sentence. Su's outfit represent Amu's desire to increase her domestic skills. She wears a white apron and a frilly dark green dress on the inside. She also wears a pair of green ballet type of shoes with an "x" lace. Her hair is actually a light green colour but sometimes it can turn blond. She wears a white type of headress. Su has a green clover on her headress.

Likes: Cleaning and Cooking.

Dislikes: Dirt and Bugs.

Dia egg

Dia is Amu-chan's fourth and last guardian, she is the sixth guardian to preform a Chara Nari (Character Transformation) with Amu-chan. Dia is enigamatic, calm and kind. Dia loves to help people release their radiance inside especially Amu-chan. She represent Amu's desire to be notice in front of people like Utau. Dia has long orange hair tied in a ponytail. She wears a white frilly headband with two diamonds attached to it. Dia's blouse or shirt is yellow with a white collar and a diamond shape cut out of the middle. She also wears a mini skirt with her blouse or shirt. Dia has white boots on as well. Her skin is a beige colour and she has golden-brown eyes exactly like Amu-chan's.

Likes: People who sparkle.

Dislikes: People are sad.

Character ChangeEdit


Ran- When Amu-chan Chara Change with Ran she receives a heart clip. Amu-chans become more athletic, honest and she also receives the ability to fly. The side effect of being honest is whatever is on Amu-chan's mind she blurts it out instantly. Ran's Chara Change is used the most through out the series.


Miki- When Amu-chan Chara Change with Miki she receives a spade clip. Amu-chans increases her artistic skills. Miki's Chara Change is used the second least.


Su- When Amu undergoes Character Change with Su, her hair clip becomes a green clover and she improves in cooking and housekeeping skills. Like with Miki, She is also able to create ingredients out of thin air.


Dia- When Amu undergoes Character Change with Dia, she becomes a sparkling person with a shiny smile, and calms her down. This change also allows her to release the light inside her heart. Amu's hairclip becomes a yellow diamond when under this Character Change. It doesn't make much of an impression to everyone.

Character TransformationsEdit

Character Transformation (Chara Nari). Open Heart (オープン ハート) is Amu Hinamori's fininshing move to cleanse X-eggs, ? eggs and X-characters.

Amulet Heart


Amu can transform with ran to become Amulet Heart. Amulet Heart can harness athletic abilities. Amulet Heart powers are mostly used for combat only.

Physical Apperance:

Amulet Heart wear her hair in side ponytail and her outfit is similar to Ran's such as a visor, a pleated skirt and a pink top. Amulet Heart has leg warmers and heart accessories. She also has a pink ribbon attached to her neck. Amulet Heart has a dark pink heart on her visor. The Humpty Lock shines with a light pink colour.

  • Heart Speeders
  • Heart Rod
  • Pom-poms
Heart Rod


Abilities: As a athletic cheerleader she can summon her Heart Rod and Pom-poms. She can fly to extreme heights. Her attacks are Spiral Heart and Spiral


Special which is preform by her Heart Rod. She can also use her Pom-poms to deflect her enemy attacks. Amulet Heart can preform Platinum Heart with Platinum Royale to cleanses X-eggs. In the first season Kukai Souma taught Amulet Heart a new attack Kukai-Style.... Golden Victory Shoot.

Amulet Spade


Amu can transform with Miki to become Amulet Spade. Amulet Spade can harness artistic abilities. Amulet Spade powers are mostly used for art-related problems only.

Physical Apperance:

Amulet Spade wears an outfit that is based on blue such as a frilly light blue coloured blouse with a ribbon at the back, dark blue shorts, blue and white long socks and high brown boots. Amulet Spade wears her hair similar to Miki's for example most of Amulet Spade's hair is tucked in the light blue hat decorated with a dark blue spade. The Humpty Lock shines with a blue light.

  • Baton
  • Paintbrush


Abilities: As an artistic artist Amulet Spade she can summon her giant paintbrush or she can summon her baton. Amu can wields a gigantic paintbrush to unleash Colourful Canvas or Colourful Canvas Special. In this attack a giant flood of multi-colours immobolize the opponent. She can also use her baton to preform Prism Music to neutralize her opponent. Her finishing move is Open Heart.

Amulet Clover


Amu can transform with Su to become Amulet Clover. Amulet Clover can harness domestic abilities. Amulet Clover powers are used for domestic problems only.

Physical Appearance: In the image of a maid/housekeeper, Amu wears a maid outfit, consisting of a large, green balloon dress she wears in combination with an apron.

A lot of bows are observed in this Character Transformation. She also wears light green glovesand the same kind of headdress Suu wears.She's also given ponytails that go behind her maid's headdress. The Humpty Lock shines with green light.


  • Whisk
  • Bubble Wand
  • Pepper
  • Bowl
  • Cooking Pan

Abilities: Amulet Clover can use her whisk to preform the attack Remake Honey and Remake Honey Special. She can also use her bubble wand to make Honey Bubbles. Amulet Clover can use a harmless attack called Sweet Applique to create flowers and ribbons on Kairi's wooden sword. She can also conjure up a cooking pan for self-defence and she can spray pepper at her opponent to make them sneeze. Her finishing move is Open Heart

Amulet Dia


Amu can transform with Dia to become her glittering idol Amulet Dia.

Physical Apperance: In this form, Amu wears a pair of ponytails and a futuristic headphone with a pair of double diamonds attached it. Her outfit is a futuristic yellow idol skirt. A yellow ribbon is attached to the back of her neck with straps that go down to her waist. She wears yellow boots that come up to her inner thighs. The Humpty Lock glitters with golden light.


  • Dia's Globe

Abilities: As a character with an intense shine, Amulet Dia's powers are mostly associated with stars and light. Due to Dia's power, this Character Transformation is used in case of absolute emergency. Her attacks are Starlight Navigation, Shining Star Shower, Road of Stars, Twinkle Shield, Twinkle Hold and Open Heart.

Amulet Fortune

Amulet Fortune

Amu can transform with all her 4 guardian to become Amulet Fortune but this Chara Nari is temporary.

Physical Apperance: In this form, Amu wears a pure white bridal gown with a tan and rainbow colored bow on the top and frills, pure white opera gloves, and a bridal veil on her head. On top of the veil is a bow and a jeweled flower brooch with the gems representing the colors of Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia. The Humpty Lock glitters with a multi-color light.

As a character of true love, her powers are rather touching to the heart, which is a little bit like Amulet Clover's domestic skills. Her attack so far is Open Heart Full Bloom.

Amulet Angel

Amulet Angel

Amu can transform with the angelic Eru to become Amulet Angel.

Physical Appearance: In this form, Amulet Angel wears a long pink gown with white frills and a red ribbon tied around her chest. She also has a pair of tiny ponytails with winged hairclips on them. Her shoes look like red ballerina shoes with a red bow tied around her ankle. She also has (possibly fake) wings attached to her back. The Humpty Lock shines with white light.

Items: White Flags

Abilities: "Amulet Angel's" only useful moves are "White Flag", "White Flag Double Plan", and "Angel Wink". (Even though her abilities are reduced by not being with her own owner, Utau.) By being super-cute and innocent, she can attract attention of boys.

Amulet Devil

AMulet Devil

Amu can transform with the mischevious Iru to become Amulet Devil

Physical Apperance: She receives a black beanie with bat wings attached to it, a red bat-formed top, a lap with a devil's tail, and a pair of black and white stockings. She also wears black boots. The Humpty Lock glitters with red light.

Items: Devil's Guitar

Abilities: Devil's tune


Ikuto Tsukiyomi: At first Ikuto and Amu were enemies because Ikuto
worked for Easter but as the series progesses he is shown to have deep feelings for Amu because she is the one person that makes him feel happy and care him. From time to time he hides in Amu's room to get away from Easter when he was being tracked down. At this time Amu finds Ikuto to be mature about his problems but he can annoy her lots of time especially while she's doing her homework. He confessed to her in Episode 74 but Amu didn't believe him and then he confessed to her again in Episode 102 before taking off to find his father.

Tadase Hotori: Amu had a crush on Tadase due to his "prince" outer charac

Tadase-x-Amu (Tadamu)

ter and confessed her "love" in public, which she blamed Ran for chara-changing her. While she was turned down by Tadase at that point, since then, Tadase took an interest in her. The two become closer once Amu joins the Guardians and when on a trip, Tadase reveals that he likes "Amulet Heart," who while is one of Amu's would-be selves, is not Amu herself, much to her upset. As the story develops, Tadase sees that "Amulet Heart" is just a small part of Amu and realizes his feelings are for Amu as who she is. ln Chapter 45 Amu and Dia travel through space and time and accidentally arrive in the Chairman's Office where Tadase, Hikaru and Tsukasa are. When he finds out that Amu's three Guardian Characters have disappeared, he offers to help her look for them. In Chapter 46, 47 , and Chapter 48, his older self goes with Amu to find her Characters. That is when Amu admits to Tadase's older self that she only liked Tadase for his outer character, and that she truly loved Ikuto Tsukiyomi. Despite this, Tadase tells Amu that he will always be there for her, and later, in Shugo Chara Encore, he tells Ikuto that he just wanted Amu to be happy, but that if he (Ikuto) made her unhappy, he would be sure to step in, saying that he would not give up. Nearing the end of Shugo Chara Encore, Amu catches the bouquet, but ends up throwing it back up into the sky when she hears that Nagihiko and Nadeshiko were really the same person. Ikuto and Tadase immediately catch the falling Amu, before having a comical argument over who should let go of her first.

Kukai Souma: Amu has a bit of a crush on Kukai in the first season of Shugo

Kukai Souma-x-Amu (Kukamu)

Chara, though this is demonstrated more in the anime, as in the manga, Amu appears to see him as more of a big brother. In the manga, Kukai witnesses Amu's first Chara Nari and carries her back home when she faints. In the Anime, Kukai stops Amu from tripping, which causes Amu to blush. Amu also thought about Kukai's love in an episode. In the manga, Kukai and Amu are very competitive in many sports, such as surfing, soccer, etc. They also went on several "Dates" like shopping in the mall and going to eat ice cream in the park. Amu added Kukai to her "future grooms" dream. Gradually, she got over her crush, but she remained a close friend to him.

Kairi Sanjou: Kairi became closely attracted to Amu after getting to know her, b

Kairi-x-Amu (Kamuri)

ut tries to hide those feelings due to his mission to get close to the Guardians and find out about their weaknesses, under the order of his older sister, Yukari Sanjo. In the end, it was Amu who persuaded him to fight for what's right instead of doing Yukari's bidding. Before he returns to his hometown, he confesses his feelings to Amu. Kairi returns again in the later chapters of the Shugo Chara series, where upon meeting the guardians, voices out his relief that Amu was not there, seeing as he promised to return to her only when he became a real man. During the preparation for the Graduation, a blushing Kairi approaches Amu and tells her that "I've always wanted to.." before being interrupted by Yaya Yuiki, posssibly out of (Yaya's) jealousy (Jealousy alert).

Nagihiko Fujisaki: As Nagihiko, he remains friends with Amu as Nadeshiko's
"twin", but keeps his real identity a secret. Nadeshiko is able to resist Tadase's "shining face", though not Amu's, which is shown when she smiles at him after Tadase and Kuukai craftily introduces Nagihiko as the new Jack's chair, much to Amu's happiness and excitement, to which Nagihiko is unable to reveal the truth, earning the Guardians a new Jack. It is shown that he has some feelings for Amu and sometimes blushing in situations such as in Episode 22, where Amu was panicking on the bus and she quickly hugged him (as Nadeshiko). Also in Episode 25, he was always holding her hand and somewhat flirting with her. However, Nagihiko did not show any further love interests, and so remains Amu's best friend (as Nadeshiko). In the end, he never revealed to Amu that he was also Nadeshiko. However, at the end of the manga, "Shugo Chara! Encore!", in Chapter 4, he then reveals that he is Nadeshiko which recieves a yell from Amu.


Nadeshiko and Amu

Nadeshiko Fujisaki and Amu Hinamori Dancing

Nadeshiko Fujisaki: When Amu refused to join the Guardians she (Nadeshiko) tried many tatics to get to join and eventually succeeds. She and Amu became close and best friends after that Nadeshiko even gave up her dance practice (the one thing that she loves the most) to have Amu over her place for a sleepover.

Rima and Amu

Rima Mashiro and Amu Hinamori High fiving

Rima Mashiro: When Rima was transferred to Seiyo Academy during spring term. She was very cold towards Amu, but Amu notes that she and Rima are rather similar, both keeping a cool and cold facade, despite that not being their true selfs. After they learn to understand each other, Rima becomes one of Amu's best friends. Rima is somewhat protective of her friendship with Amu, as shown when she gets jealous when Yaya tells her that Nadeshiko was Amu's best friend before Rima, questioning Amu why she wasn't her best friend as well despite also being the Queen's chair and sharing the same class as her in tears, causing Amu to flusteredly try to stop her from crying, though Nagihiko lazily points out Rima was faking tears. Rima also has the habit of flying into a silent rage when Nadeshiko states that she is Amu's best friend instead of Rima.

Yaya,rima and amu

Yaya, Rima and Amu asleep

Yaya Yuiki: Yaya looks Amu as an older sister character and callls her "Amu-chi". When the guardians were working to save Ikuto, Yaya tries to follow what Rima did earlier and telling Tadase and Amu to leave it all to her in hopes of gaining Amu's approval, though it fails and only manages to stun both Tadase and Amu with comical effects. Still, after seeing Amu and Tadase battle the monster dog while trying to protect Yaya, Yaya shields the both of them with her body, admitting that while she still wanted to be the youngest, and be loved, carried and babied around by the others, it was also because she was the weakest; a baby, that every once in a while, she had to carry them around too, surprising Amu and Tadase.

[[Utau Hoshina|

Utau-x-Amu Duet

Utau Hoshina]]: When Utau was still working for Easter she considered Amu to be a rival because her older brother Ikuto Tsukiyomi liked Amu instead of her (Utau). Throughout the middle of the series the heat became more competitive because Amu and Utau even kept one of each others Guardian Character (El and X-Dia) but at the end of the series they became friends and in episode 121 Il and El considered that Utau and Amu were best friends because Amu could soothes Utau wavering Heart due to change in her new song.

Utau Hoshina

[[Utau Hoshina|

Utau-x-Amu Duet

Utau Hoshina]]: When Utau was still working for Easter she considered Amu to be a rival because her older brother Ikuto Tsukiyomi liked Amu instead of her (Utau). Throughout the middle of the series the heat became more competitive because Amu and Utau even kept one of each others Guardian Character (El and X-Dia) but at the end of the series they became friends and in episode 121 Il and El considered that Utau and Amu were best friends because Amu could soothes Utau wavering Heart due to change in her new song.

Yua and amu

Yua Sakurai and Amu Hinamori modelling

Yua Sakurai: Amu and Yua didn't see each other much during kindergarden, but she was the first person to take Yua's dream seriously. They begin a friendship years later when they reunite during a photo shoot. This only happened in the Anime.


Joker (Kairi)

Amu (Ikuto, Utau, Rima)

Amu-chan (Tadase, Her Mother, Her Father, Nadeshiko, Nagihiko)

Onee-chan (Ami)

Himamori-san (Nikadou-sensei)

Hinamori-san (Tadase)

X-Girl (Yoru)

Amu-chi (Yaya)

Amu-senpai (Rikka)

Hinamori (Kukai)


Amu's first name means skilled, excellent or beautiful person.

Amu has a hilarious gag. Whenever she depressed her soul will fly out of her mouth then her guardians characters will persuade to go back and she will sometimes say I am ok in a robot voice but then after that she is fine.

Amu's name includes Ran, Miki, Su's letters in order they were born Ran, Miki, Su spells AMU.

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